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Natasha Norman 'Soaked with the sky'

Natasha Norman 'Soaked with the sky'

R9 100,00Price

Soaked with the sky

Japanese Woodblock Print of 6

61 x 47cm

Framed in Oak



  • About

    "My work celebrates an empathic imagination. In the manifestation of the shifting layers and planes of my marks and tones is an embodied experience (a sensory memory) of place, weather and emotion.

    My earliest memories growing up along the coast is of days spent underwater, of exploring rock pools and witnessing storms. My desire is for a viewer to connect to an experience through my work. It requires a movement of imagination, a transcendence of the self in order to access a poetic visual language to something greater, whether profoundly beautiful, terrifying or comforting.

    I have always sought to create a sense of embodied feeling in front of my works, to tap into a primal experience of space and spirit. My practice engages the relationship between material and experience where the materials I use as an artist are brought into relationship with my experiences of the natural world."


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