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Perhaps our magnetism and/or obsession with flowers stem from the mere dopamine punch we get when we look at them. Our ancestors surely rejoiced when they saw the first vivid blooms after a long, hard, grey, death defying winter. We’ve since evolved into visually inquisitive translators of the subject and this has blossomed into some of our finest creations, be it tapestries, paintings, murals, photography or performance.

Flowers capture life’s momentary allure, it’s fragility and fleetingness - which is something that has captivated our curious minds since the first moment we laid eyes on them. The juxtaposition of fertility and mortality ignites the topic even more and we see artists attempt to convey these universal sentiments in the strokes of their brush or the composition in their lens.

Blom! will be a curated exhibition in collaboration with NG Kerk Welgemoed during their annual Arts Festival in August & September 2023. We are proud to present a selection of artists from all walks of life and a variety of media to the Hugo Modern project space.

Cover artwork by Adele van Heerden / 50ty50ty


Due to a number of exceptional entries to exhibit we decided to offer a second, satellite exhibition at the new gallery space at Modern Picture Framers in Boston, Bellville.

The 'bloeisel' exhibition will run from August 26 to September 30th, 2023 / 46 Boston Street, Boston

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