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Black Koki 'Holding Thumbs'
  • Black Koki 'Holding Thumbs'

    R49 500,00Price

    Black Koki
    Holding Thumbs, 2018
    Spray-paint on glass
    86,5 x 62 cm
    Kiaat box frame

    • About

      BLACK KOKI is a South African born visual artist. His definitive mark is spontaneous as it is disruptive of visual convention. Crafted from experiences making drawings, painting and street art, his current artistic practice is post-graffiti, reflecting an interest in the relationship between space and data. He investigates warped spaces and textures that seem to define an urban reality augmented by the digital world. Social media quips meet organic, expressive forms in the synthetic hues of his enamel on glass paintings. Oddly digital in reference, the works also speak to an intuitive mark making of an art historical lineage such as Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Pop Art, Primitivism or Neo-Expressionist works. His works on glass embody an unmistakable nostalgia for the 1990s from the perspective of a contemporary digital age. The flavour of urban subcultures persists in his forms, merged with his personal experiences of city spaces such that his works become an abstract coding of the contemporary experience.


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