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About Me.

The creation of Fine Art and Design, coupled with the curation, presentation and acquisition thereof brings me true joy. 

I believe art has a fundamental role to play in the moulding of a society. We can use it like a mirror to reflect our opinions, our thoughts and feelings - whether it be groundbreaking or mundane.

Art, the making of it and the exploration of our collective sub-conscious through the means of a visual language, matters.

I am a passionate Fine Artist and Illustrator with a deep interest in the Contemporary Fine Art world, both locally and abroad;


After attaining my BA Degree in Fine Art at the University of Stellenbosch in 2005 I worked in the Interior Design industry for 5 years. Thereafter I spent seven years working for one of the largest  commercial Art Dealers / Auction Houses in the world which taught me a wealth of industry confidence & know-hows. I’ve made it a priority to try and visit nearly every major Art Museum or Gallery worldwide including global Art Fairs such as Art Basel Switzerland and Miami, Seattle Art Fair, Singapore Biennale amongst others. I often found the smaller, not so well known galleries to be even more gripping because less filters had been applied and the authenticity of the art maker could still be felt.


It is my privilege to help my clients interact with – and acquire – fine art. I would be thrilled to be granted the opportunity to meet with you in order to discuss how I can help you reach your goals.

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Your friend in art.

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